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Good Roots

We have been growing here in our greenhouses for over 45 years! A proud family business founded, owned and operated by Bill Verab. He has grown thousands of plants since opening up shop. His tried and true reliable experience continues to produce strong, optimal performing plants for home gardeners, landscapers, and businesses.


Over 10 Greenhouses of Homegrown Plants

Each Spring we grow our own flowering planters, hanging baskets, perennials, herb, vegetable and bedding plants. In summer our zinnias and milkweed become available, among other items, to help feed hungry pollinators. As well as mums, pumpkins, cornstalks and more for the Fall season.

Giant Elephant Ear Plant only 4 mo. old planted in huge container to reach this size.


Most diverse succulent selection in New Haven County (Bethany, CT) with over 55+ varieties  ✔ Geraniums ✔ Begonias ✔ Fuchsia ✔ Lantana ✔ Wave Petunias ✔ Red Spikes (Cordyline) ✔ Elephant Ears ✔ SunPatiens ✔ Favorite Hummingbird Nectar Plants - Hummingbird Salvia  ✔ 100+ varieties of 1 qt. Perennials ✔ Jack's Classic Fertilizers ✔ Mixed Flowering Planters ✔ Proven Winner Hanging Basket Combinations ✔


15 Munson Road, Bethany, CT, USA

(203) 393-2950

Main entrance on Munson Road is across from Crossfit Bethany.